1st International ‘Alan Turing’ Conference on Decision Support and Recommender Systems (DSRS-Turing 2019)
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NEWS! - We are excited to announce that our Technical Programme will include an Expert Panel session on "Ethics, Explainability and Interpretability in Decision Support and Recommender Systems"! For more details, check Programme


Decision Making processes constantly occur in our daily lives, both at an individual, collective and large-scale societal level. Even for machines and AI systems, making autonomous and rational decisions has nowadays become part of their core duties. Decision making often occurs amid highly dynamic, uncertain and data-pervaded scenarios, thereby becoming increasingly complex. This conference based in the UK’s Alan Turing Institute brings together international researchers, industry professionals and domain experts to discuss latest trends and ongoing challenges in:

The event particularly aims at exploring the existing – or potential – interaction between various AI techniques and applications, and state-of-the-art decision support and recommendation approaches. Young researchers (PhD students, postdocs) are particularly encouraged to attend for an opportunity to network with – and receive advice from – leading experts in the field.

Topics of Interest

Students, researchers and professionals with interest or expertise in the following topics are encouraged to attend:


Young researchers are invited to submit extended abstracts in English.

After evaluation, notification of acceptance will be provided to authors via email. Please note that the full submissions will not be published, but plans are underway to ellaborate a mini-proceedings booklet with short abstracts of accepted works.

Submission system now open! Submit your extended abstract here

Important dates and Registration

Registration will be available through the event page in the Alan Turing Institute website
Registration fee is £120. The conference is partly sponsored by the Alan Turing Institute and so we have put every effort on keeping comparatively low registration fees to welcome all interested attendees. Registration includes access to the entire programme, coffee breaks, lunches, conference booklet, and an informal drinks reception on the evening of the first day.



Professor Peter A Flach

Professor Peter Flach

University of Bristol; The Alan Turing Institute (United Kingdom)

Title: Better Decisions with Machine Learning

Abstract Bio

Professor Mounia Lalmas

Professor Mounia Lalmas

Spotify (United Kingdom)

Title: Personalising the Listening Experience

Abstract Bio

Dr Christoph Trattner

Dr Christoph Trattner

University of Bergen (Norway)

Title: Computational Analytics on the Web for Better Food Decision Making

Abstract Bio

Dr Julia Neidhardt

Dr Julia Neidhardt

TU Wien (Austria)

Title: Recommender Systems and Decision-making in the Tourism Domain .

Abstract Bio

Dr Matthijs Spaan

Dr Matthijs Spaan

TU Delft (The Netherlands)

Title: Sequential Decision Making under Shared Resource Constraints.

Abstract Bio

Expert Panel: "Ethics, Explainability and Interpretability in Decision Support Systems and Recommender Systems"

Chair: Dr. David Leslie. The Alan Turing Institute.

Panel Organisers: Christina Hitrova (Research Assistant in Digital Ethics) and Dr. Ivan Palomares (Turing Fellow). The Alan Turing Institute.


As decision-support (DS) and recommendation systems (RS) become deployed more widely across society, their impact on individuals grows. They are now involved in personalising the interest rate on loans or insurance, in shaping our political views by tailoring content, or in helping diagnose medical conditions and make treatment decisions. Whether automatically or by informing human decision-making, such tools have an irrefutably large impact on our life and work.

In this panel, we will take a closer look at the ethical questions arising from using DSRS. In addition, the panel will look at the ethical challenges that emerge in designing and implementing DSRS and will explore practical ways of thinking about ethics when building such tools. This panel discussion will focus on the role of interpretability and explanainability of models and their outputs in ensuring accountable and ethical design of DSRS tools.

Dr David Leslie (Moderator)

Dr David Leslie

The Alan Turing Institute

Philosophical Perspective


Dr Ewa Luger

Dr Ewa Luger

University of Edinburgh

HCI Perspective


Prof. Francesca Toni

Prof. Francesca Toni

Imperial College London

Technical Perspective


Dr Florian Ostmann

Dr Florian Ostmann

Alan Turing Institute

Policy Perspective


Final Schedule

Thursday 21st November
9.30-10.15 Registration
10.15am Welcome: Ivan Palomares-Carrascosa
10.30 Talk 1: Francisco Herrera
11.30 Coffee break
12.00 Oral Paper Presentations I
13.00 Lunch break
14.00 Talk 2: Matthijs Spaan
15.00 Poster-demo Coffee Break
15.30 Oral Paper Presentations II
16.00: Talk 3: Julia Neidhardt
17.00-onwards social event

Friday 22nd November
10.00 Talk 4: Peter Flach
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Talk 5: Christoph Trattner
12.30 Oral Paper Presentations III
13.00 Lunch break
14.00 Talk 6: Mounia Lalmas
15.00 Poster-demo Coffee Break
15.30 Expert Panel: "Ethics, Explainability and Interpretability in Decision Support Systems and Recommender Systems"
16.30 Closing

List of accepted papers

Oral Paper Presentations I (Thursday 21st November, 12-1pm)
T01 - On Tour: Harnessing Social Tourism Data for City and Point of Interest Recommendation. Tom Bewley, Ivan Palomares.
T02 - Bip4Cast: Some advances in mood disorders data analysis. Victoria Lopez, Pavél Llamocca, Diego Urgeles and Milena Cukic.
T03 - Content-based Recommender Systems for Heritage: developing a personalised museum tour. Olga Loboda, Julianne Nyhan, Simon Mahony, Daniela Romano and Melissa Terras
T04 - Modeling a Decision-Maker in Goal Programming by means of Computational Rationality. Manuel Lopez-Ibanez, Maura Hunt.
Oral Paper Presentations II (Thursday 21st November, 15.30-16pm)
T05 – A hybrid decision making system using image analysis by deep learning and IoT sensor data to detect human falls. Pingfan Wang and Nanlin Jin.
T06 – Decision making model based on expert evaluations extracted with sentiment analysis. Cristina Zuheros, Eugenio Martínez-Cámara, Enrique Herrera-Viedma and Francisco Herrera.
Oral Paper Presentations III (Friday 22nd November, 12.30-1pm)
T07 – A group decision-making procedure where agents with different expertise evaluate alternatives through qualitative assessments. José Luis García-Lapresta and Raquel González del Pozo.
T08 – Realising the Potential for ML from Electronic Health Records Haoyuan Zhang, D. William R. Marsh, Norman Fenton and Martin Neil.
Poster Presentations (afternoon coffee break on both days)
From Pictures to Touristic Profiles: A Deep-Learning based Approach. Mete Sertkan, Julia Neidhardt and Hannes Werthner.
Design of a clinical decision support system for critical care treatment optimisation. Christopher McWilliams, Iain Gilchrist, Matt Thomas, Timothy Gould, Raul Santos-Rodriguez and Christopher Bourdeaux
Learning Spare Changes in Time-varying MNs with Density Ratio Estimation and Its Application to Fmri. Yulong Zhang, Christelle Langley, Jade Thai and Song Liu
Extracting Emerging Patterns with Change Detection in Time for Data Streams. Cristobal J. Carmona, Angel Garcia-Vico, Pedro Gonzalez and Maria Jose Del Jesus
Personalised Playlist Prediction. Lewis Bell, Carlos Del Ray and Eimear Cosgrave
Vectology – exploring biomedical variable relationships using sentence embedding and vectors. Benjamin Elsworth, Yi Liu and Tom Gaunt


Coming soon...


Organising Committee: Ivan Palomares Carrascosa, University of Bristol, UK
James Neve
Hugo Alcaraz-Herrera
Benjamin Arana-Sanchez

Programme Committee


Conference Location

DSRS-Turing Conference 21-22nd Nov 2019,
The Alan Turing Institute,
British Library, 96 Euston Rd, London NW1 2DB, London (United Kingdom).


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Kings Cross and St Pancras International and Euston

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King's Cross St. Pancras, Euston and Euston Square

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Many services: including 10, 30, 59, 63, 73 and 91

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There is no onsite parking.

The nearest car park is the NCP one in Judd Street, 10 minutes' walk away.

Metered parking (08:30 – 18:30) is available on Ossulston Street (3 spaces only).

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There are covered and uncovered areas for bicycles. The best approach from central London is via Tavistock Place and Cartwright Gardens.

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If you have any questions or enquiries regarding this event, do not hesitate to contact dsrs.turing(at)gmail(dot)com, or alternatively get in touch with one of the conference organisers:
Ivan Palomares
James Neve
Hugo Alcaraz-Herrera
Benjamin Arana-Sánchez

Event sponsored by the Alan Turing Institute and organised by Bristol's Decision Support and Recommender Systems (DSRS) group